Nasal Gel
Nasal Gel - Prevents the penetration of viruses
through the nose into the respiratory system

What is ViruStop®? ViruStop® is an aqueous gel consisting of High molecular weight hyaluronic acid and
cellulose. When ViruStop® applied in the nostrils, the gel spread on the walls of
the nose, capturing most of the viruses, disrupting its outer layer.

ViruStop disrupting its outer layer. ViruStop block viral growth and consequently preventing flu
Antiviral substances, such as bleach, destroy viruses with simple contact, but they cannot be applied to the human
body without causing severe damage.

Most of the antiviral drugs today work by inhibiting the development of viruses but
are unable to destroy them, moreover viruses can change and become resistant to such treatments.
In order to overcome these two obstacles and be able to fight viral infections effectively, Naveh-Pharma has found a unique mechanism to stop droplets
transmission by creating protective fil of ViruStop® gel that acts as barrier to
which viruses attached and neutralized.

 ViruStop® is non-toxic and does not contain preservatives.
ViruStop® gel for the whole family.