Electrorise + Probiotic

Anti Diarrhea - Rehydration Balancing Solution

ORS solution, rice-based supplement with a probiotic blend

Prevention of dehydration and a natural balancer of the digestive system.

The Double Coating Technique of the probiotic blend of bacteria, ensures the viability of theprobiotic bacteria (which are living organisms) in the stomach.

ElectroRice + Probiotic is user friendly. Just mix a cup of water or baby feeding bottle (200 mL) and it is ready to drink.

Fast, and convenient. ElectroRice + Probiotic combines optimal amounts and varieties of probiotic bacteria, ensuring maximum efficiency of the formula to correct body electrolyte balance, bacterial flora and maintain overall health.

ElectroRice + Probiotic does not require refrigeration.

Available in convenient single dose sachets to be mixed with 200 mL of water. 5 sachets per carton box.