Much More than a saline A Physiological or hypertonic sea water spray intended for nasal hygiene.Mermaid Spray is a nasal wash and nasal moisturizer that balances the functioning of the nasal cavities for easier breathing.
Microdiffusion of Thermal Spring Water A line of Bag-on-Valve Nasal and Ear sprays composed of natural thermal spring water. Intended for use as a nasal wash and nasal moisturizing agent.
The Mermaid line is a multi-brand series of sea water intended to improve nasal hygiene and breathing ability and eliminate nasal congestion. Daily use of Mermaid line products maintains nasal hygiene as well as alleviating nasal congestion in cases of flu, allergy, and rhinitis. It is completely natural, safe, and…
Nasalight is a nasal spray representing a novel therapeutic treatment of numerous symptoms linked to common nasal disorders, such as allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal congestion. NasaLight is an implementation of NASA's innovative RED LIGHT technology.