Nasalight is a nasal spray representing a novel therapeutic treatment of numerous symptoms linked to common nasal disorders, such as allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis and nasal congestion.

NasaLight is an implementation of NASA's innovative RED LIGHT technology.


NasaLight combines a physiologic seawater micro-spray system, which releases a gentle spray of micro-drops, along with red light therapy mechanism, offering immediate relief of allergies and rhinitis.
The combined 2 technologies in one device, has the capacity to alter cellular processes and lead to suppression of the over-active immune system.


The red light phototherapy acts in synergy with the physiologic sea water solution to bring a fast relief and alleviation.
The main benefit behind is its safety and ease of use. It is a drug-free medical device, and therefore any potential adverse effects are marginal and unlikely. Furthermore, the device is simple to operate, easy to clean and user-friendly.

NasaLight is a natural product preservative free and can be used for long period.

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