EZ Shaver

Luxurious shaving cream
For Smooth & Deep Shave Manual or Electric Shaver.

EZ-SHAVE™ is an advanced shaving cream that makes shave close and smooth, leaving the skin soft,
moisturized and fragrant.
EZ-SHAVE™ works both with manual and electric razors, enabling faster and better
shave while reducing the risk of nicks and cuts.
EZ-SHAVE™ intends to all skin types including sensitive skin.
EZ-SHAVE™ moisturizes the skin protect against dryness, irritation and burning
EZ-SHAVE™ for quick, easy and effective shave.
EZ-SHAVE™ leave skin soft and supple, with a light, protective moisturizing film and
a masculine odor that lasts for hours.
EZ-SHAVE™ disposable shaving wet wipes are portable, enables shaving in the car
on the way to work.
EZ-SHAVE™ is the shaving revolution you've been waiting for.
EZ-SHAVE™ is the solution for most men (94%) who do not really like shaving...