Magnox Preg

Safe and effective during pregnancy.

Leg cramps affect up to half of all pregnancy women, typically the cramps begin during the second trimester, get worse as the pregnancy progresses and are worse at night.

Studies have indicated that magnesium and vitamins B and E supplementation provide benefits for pregnant women. Magnox Preg is a highly refined basic Magnesium salt from the Dead Sea (which is well known for its health benefits).

It is placed in a fast acting, pure grade proprietary formulation. It is one hundred percent food grade. It is formulated to be "digestion neutral". It has no equal. You could take 20 or 30 standard pills and not come close to our benefits.

This is compounded it to have features that make it singular, unique, and untouched in speed and effectiveness. While researchers do not know the cause of that condition, Magnox Preg is the right answer.

What causes the cramps has never been discovered by doctors in any hospital or laboratory. University and medical research are still attempting to discover the cause.

Naveh-Pharma can assure that taking this treatment, cramps will disappear every time it is taken.

The best promise is the immediate results from the first night.

It is 100% free of additives, salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial color, yeast, wheat, gluten, binders, animal products, corn, milk and soy products.
Magnox Preg

Naveh Pharma is currently seeking for international distributors of patented medical products to Pharmacies.
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