Excessive stress in the modern world can lead to stress, mood swings and depression.
Many of us occasionally suffer from low mood, nervousness, anxiety and helplessness. These feelings impair daily conduct, make it difficult to concentrate on tasks, impair memory and quality of life.
Naveh Pharma has developed Be-Happy, a food supplement intended prevent these symptoms from developing.
BE HAPPY is a dietary supplement that based on a pharmaceutical extract of saffron, vitamins D, B6, B12, folic acid and zinc. The supplement is served as sugar free gummies for easy and convenient consumption and quick effect (absorption from gummies is faster than absorption from a pill or capsule). The main ingredient in BE HAPPY - is the patented extract of saffron Affron®, whose effectiveness has been tested in many clinical studies that have confirmed its effectiveness 1-4.
In a randomized controlled double-blind study performed on 128 patients with poor mood, Participants were divided into groups that received saffron extract or placebo. The study lasted 4 weeks resulted in significant improvement in the saffron treatment groups compared to the placebo group, expressed in improved mood, decreased stress, anger, fatigue and confusion as well as a significant increase in quality of life.
A second study2 examined the effect of saffron 30 mg per day for 4 weeks on mood, quality of life, and the effect of psychosocial stressors on 56 healthy volunteers 2. Here, too, the study showed a significant decrease in the depression index in the intervention group compared to the control group as well as a significant increase in the quality of life of the saffron group compared to the control group.
The BE HAPPY formula was developed implementing results of these studies.
Be HAPPY contains 30mg of Saffron extract in each gummy of 3g.
Recommended dose 1-2 gummies as needed.


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