The revolutionly skin care is revealed

What is Aura?
Aura an oil for face and body care, the fruits of scientific development, that is a revolutionary cosmetic product that changes the perception of facial skin and body care.
Aura an luxurious moisturizing oil for majestic beauty Aura based on unique plant extracts that share an identical composition with that of sebum, secreted by the sebaceous gland that lies within the dermis (the deeper layer of the two that makes up the skin).
Aura replaces sebum that is crucial for skin maintenance, and that thins out the skin with age.

What is Sebum?
Sebum plays a very important role in maintaining skin moisture and elasticity. Sebum lubricates the skin, while at the same time creates a protective layer that prevents dehydration and skin aging. With age, the amount of sebum decreases, and skin becomes dry, less elastic, flaccid, wrinkled and vulnerable to external damage.

How did Aura come about?
Naveh Pharma, known for their interesting developments, went "out of the box". Instead of searching for more nutrients, anti-oxidants and anti-aging substances, they looked for the causes of skin aging with the aim of returning them back to the skin.

It turned out that the most important element in the sequence that protects the condition of the skin is sebum. Sebum is affected by sex hormones (such as oestrogen). As a result of hormonal changes that occur with aging, sebum reserves within the skin dwindle. This has a considerable effect on skin dehydration, on the reduction of skin tightness and on skin visibility - the skin becomes rougher, appears less glowing, lifeless, with fine lines appearing, that progress swiftly into wrinkles...just what we want to avoid.

Amongst the various research and developments carried out, a chemical examination of the sebum composition within different populations was examined. The structure of sebum and its different components were identified and characterized. According to the findings, an Aura formula was assembled, serving as a substitute for simulating sebum. During the development of the formula, natural materials were used from vegetable oil extracts.

After a series of trials and tests, the assembly of the formula was completed. Samples of Aura were transferred for medical research institute testing that specializes in examining the efficiency of dermatological preparations for the purpose of safety and efficacy testing of products.

Aura - Research results
The research was conducted at the Farcoderm Institute in Italy, headed by Prof. Fulvio Martztatico Department of Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Pavia.
Three groups participated in the research. In order to exercise caution, Aura was tested at low concentrations of 5% and 10% in two groups, while the third group was administered a placebo (without).

The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of Aura on damaged skin caused by skin irritation using a substance that creates an allergy within 30, 60, and 120 minutes, and the effect of Aura used daily for 28 days (4 weeks).
Tested parameters - the degree of skin moisture and elasticity.

The methods used for measurement were scientific, according to accepted standards in the medical literature.
The experimental results even surprised members of "Neveh Pharma" - the developers of Aura...
It was found that:
  1. Aura improves the condition of damaged skin in record time.
  2. After 28 days of treatment, dramatic improvements in skin tightness and elasticity were found.
  3. After 28 days, the level of skin hydration increased by 30.8%. The results obtained from minimal concentrations of Aura constitute a revolution, and brought great enthusiasm as the real product constitutes 100%, 10-20 times more concentrated than that used during experimentation. The experimental results were attained in August 2014. From here, the path to the final product was short.

The great advantage of Aura

Most beauty products are based on components of moisture and nutrients, designed to hydrate and nourish the skin. According to scientific literature, the absorption of skin care products by the skin is negligible, so it is not for nothing that the cosmetic industry is called the "industry of illusions". The promises that lie behind most of the products do not have much backing. Wrinkles and spots do not disappear, what does disappear are the funds invested...
Aura is based on knowledge and scientific experimentation from which the efficacy of the product on skin protection, maintenance and age prevention stems.
When Aura is applied on the face or body, the difference is immediately noticeable.
Aura is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin soft, pleasant, and with a great feeling. The dry skin slowly "drinks" Aura, and both the condition and the appearance of the skin improves. The skin becomes vitalised, tight, glowing, soft and pleasant.

Recommendations for the use of Aura
For a velvety and luxurious appearance, massage Aura into the skin by gently dabbing onto the face and body, in the morning and before bed.
In particularly dry areas, gently massage.
Aura may be used as a convenient base for make-up, beauty cream or sunscreen.

Aura product series
Spray bottle of 50 ml
Spray bottle of 100 ml